Monday, 22 May 2017


Hello to all our crafting friends, Antony here!
Samantha has been very busy... but has had time to do a fabby post.
This one was really worth the wait... it's full of interesting techniques!
So if you're a Sheena fan, you'll love it!
...and even if you're not I'm pretty sure you still will... over to you Samantha!

The materials used in this post are:-
Alchemy Perfect Partners stamps and dies by Sheens, 2 pieces of
A4 Matt black card, Sheena stamping card, Versafine onyx black ink pad
Brusho powders, Spectrum noir sparkle pens Autumn/winter
White gesso, 3D collall glue gel, Tacky glue
Pebeo drawing gum, Red liner tape

Step 1 Firstly, using 2 pieces of Black A4 Matt card score on the
short sides at 3/4 inch and 1 1/2 inches on both ends of each card.
Then on one piece only use a large rectangle DIE(or just cut an
aperture with a craft knife and ruler) within the centre two score lines
leaving an even boarder

Step 2 Next using a dry flat wide brush and white gesso, take off the
excess paint with some paper towel and lightly brush the gesso over the
whole of the outside of both pieces of black card in a horizontal direction
giving it a chalkboard effect.

Step 3 Then measure a piece of Sheena stamping card
to fit the panel between the two score lines on the non cut back panel.
Stamp the image of the professor slightly to the left and multiple words
and phrases to the right in versafine onyx black ink. Use Pebeo drawing
gum to mask the image of the professor and leave to dry.

Step 4 Mean while, DIE cut several test tubes, herbs, the
Bunsen burner, magnifier, book stack, rack, and a few bottles
and light bulbs from Sheena card too. Once cut, stamp them the
Sheena way by anchoring your stamp to the glass mat and inking
up and placing your DIE cut one part at a time onto the stamp to
get a perfect impression. Using the sparkle pens colour up your DIE
cuts in colours to match your theme.

Step 5 Next choosing about 8 different colours of brushos, I just
sprinkled lightly over the whole professor image and spritzed with
water and dabbed excess runs away till I was happy with the results.
Once dry, I rubbed away the drawing gum and coloured the professor
in contrasting dull colours then just edged the whole piece in black
soot distress ink.

Step 6 Stick this piece to the back panel and crease the score
lines on both black card pieces. Use red liner tape and tacky glue on
the two outer tabs and stick together to form the diorama card.
All that's left to do is to arrange your DIE cuts on the front panel and
glue in place with collall 3D glue gel and allow to dry. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, have fun trying all the ideas!
Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Samantha and Antony