Saturday, 12 September 2015

New post update!

Hi there crafting friends! Antony here with an update regarding our next blog post!
Firstly you may have noticed that we didn't do a post last week. The reason was a good one honest... it was that the school summer holidays!

So what better way to kick of the holidays was for mine and Samantha families to finally meet. You may not know but Samantha's family live in the west of the country in Bristol whilst mine live in the east of the country just outside of a village called Stotfold. 

It just so happened that my family and Samantha's were both heading to the south west and to the beautiful county of Cornwall.

We all met up at the Eden Project. My  family had stopped over in Bodmin so our journey would only take about half an hour. When we left our hotel that morning the heavens really did open and because of this it effected the journey time for Samantha and her family from Bristol. The driving conditions were really bad, so slow driving was the order of the day!

Any how by the time me and my family arrived the clouds had blown over and the sun was finally shining! By about 11:30 Samantha and her family arrived.
All our children instantly hit it off really well! Samantha's eldest son that came had hurt his foot so was doing a very good impersonation of a pirate and had to hobble round all day on a pair of crutches (poor thing!) My eldest Lucas and Samantha's Jacob and Ethan ran round together for hours chatting about Star Wars and Lego!
I think both mine and Samantha youngest ones, Hayden and Bella got on the best... Hayden followed Bella round all day... literally, by holding her reins!
We spent the rest of the day together and got to know each others families really well.

The two families at the top of one of the domes.
From left to right:- Jacob, Ethan, Samantha, Bella (in front), Zach, Lucas, Natasha, Hayden (in front)
No Me...I was taking the picture!!

Samantha was the photographer for the next one!
From left to right:- Hayden, Me!, my wife Natasha and Lucas in front.

All the children playing within the bamboo, think they're all there!

My Hayden found a new game... following Bella round whilst holding onto her reins... cute!


So what with the holiday just about over, here at 2 Crafting Minds blog we have a birthday just round the corner.... Samantha is going to be 40!
So what better a project than a plaque to celebrate Samantha's 40th!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!
Samantha and Antony