Friday, 11 September 2015

Happy 40th Birthday Plaque

Hi there our crafting friends, Antony here for this weeks extra special post!
As you can see from the title it's a very special Birthday for my blogging partner Samantha.
Samantha as you may have noticed produces some amazing unique work, so the plaque I was going to make as a birthday gift was going to have to be good! 
I wanted this plaque to have a meaning to Samantha, so I had to collect together a few facts. This was made quite easy really, because we chat on a weekly basis about the blog and obviously we talk about our families and life in general.
 So with all the research done it was time to put paintbrush to cardboard and polymer clay to silicone mould to produce this special plaque for my bestest blogging friend!

The products used in this weeks post are Pinflair Liquid Buff-it paints in various colours, Viva Decor silicone flower, angel wings, leaf and button silicone moulds, Pinflair Buff-it craft polish, Pinflair Metal FX Paste, Pinflair Photo frames, Pinflair Bookbinding glue and Glue Gel, a sheet of Angel hair, a sheet of heavy duty cardboard, black acrylic paint, a few stencils and finally some rustic string!

Step 1 Firstly I stuck together 2 of Pinflair oval photo frames using some Bookbinding glue. I then stuck some Angel Hair (which is a type of flattened textured thread) onto the surface of the photo frames, again using the Bookbinding glue. I then stuck the two sheets of rectangular backing card for the photo frames together and again stuck Angel Hair on top of it.

Step 2 After the bookbinding glue has dried on the photo frames, cut the Angel hair material out from the aperture using a sharp craft knife.

Step 3 Place the oval photo frame onto the backing card covered with the Angel Hair and using a pen and the oval frame as a guide, draw the shape of the oval onto the backing card. I then used a stencil with text on and placed it on top of the backing card with the oval drawn on it. Now using the a palette knife, apply the Metal FX Paste through the stencil, making sure that you don't go beyond the oval shape you drew on.

Step 4 Taking the oval photo frame with the Angel Hair on, I placed it on a flat surface. I then positioned a floral stencil and using a palette knife applied the Metal FX Paste through it and then let it dry. Once fully dry I then stuck it onto the rectangular backing cardboard using Bookbinding glue. Finally I painted the whole lot black using acrylic paint.

Step 5 Using a large template of the letter "S" I cut the shape out from some heavy duty cardboard using a craft knife.

Step 6 Using some polymer clay and the silicone moulds I made 7 smallish flower heads, 1 large flower head, 2 angel wings and 1 button. Whilst the polymer clay was baking I covered the letter "S" with some Metal FX paste and pounced the palette knife over the wet paste to give it some texture and dimension. When the polymer clay had cooled down I then pushed the 7 small flower heads into the Metal FX paste and then let it dry and harden. Then I painted it all using black  acrylic paint.

Step 7 Now I had all the main elements of the plaque I positioned the "S" into position on top of the oval frames and glued it in place using Pinflair Glue Gel. This helped support the "S" in the middle as well as sticking it to the photo frame.

Step 8 Now came the fun part!... adding some colour. I know Samantha loves purples and pinks, so using Pinflair Liquid Buff-it I started to paint. To create the look you can see in the photographs I used the dry brush technique (please see Canvas bag decorating post).
I also painted all the polymer clay piece using Liquid Buff-it. When everything was dry I used some Pinflair Buff-it craft polish in various colours to highlight raised areas on both the main plaque and on all of the the polymer clay elements. 

Step 9 After letting all of the elements dry, I then started positioning the polymer clay pieces onto the plaque. When I was happy I glued them all in place using Glue Gel. When the glue was dry I punched two holes in the top of the plaque and threaded through some rustic string so that it could me hung.

The Meaning of the elements in the Plaque

 As I mentioned I wanted this plaque to be very personal to Samantha, so I made sure that all of the elements I had used had a meaning.

The "S" is obviously for Samantha
The 7 small flowers on the letter "S" represent the number of people in her family
The button with the string represents her close tie with her husband Joe
The angel wings represent her creative free spirit
and finally the large flower head at the top left is for my friendship with my bestest blogging friend.

So all that's left to say is hope you
Have a Great 40th Birthday Samantha!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!