Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fairy Wall Plaque

This project has been created by Samantha, the detail is breath taking, the more you look the more you see. So without further a word I will hand you over to her so she can explain how she created this beautiful colourful masterpiece!

Step 1 To create this fairy themed wall plaque I have Used a large cardboard rectangle, a large heart aperture and a smaller heart too. Take the heart aperture and with gardeners twine, wrap it around the heart aperture till its full covered using a wet glue like cosmic shimmer or Pinflair bookbinding glue on the heart board to secure it. Next layer some spiders web material or other textures onto the large rectangle and glue it down. I also used a strip of hessian and some die cuts too for further texture. Then add the fairy door (from Stamps Away) to the left hand side of the piece and secure the aperture heart half off the corner with a strong wet glue and the smaller heart nestled inside but not touching the other heart.
Die cut each fairy 4 times from card (about 240gsm) and do the same with other foliage, grasses and flower and butterfly dies (in this case mostly from the Tattered Lace collection) and some word dies from Tonic too. When all cut out glue each matching layer to itself till you have a really thick die cut shape.

Step 2 Arrange all the solid shapes then over the background and stick in place. Next paint the whole thing with either black gesso or black acrylic paint. Once dry (which you can speed up by using a craft heat tool or even a hairdrier) Please note that if you have use PVA glue to add additional texture be careful if using a heat tool as the PVA will bubble.
 It's now ready to paint with Pinflair Liquid Buff-it paints!

Step 3 Using several colours of Pinflair Liquid Buff-it, add as little or as much as you like to different areas. Use one colour at a time and a dry brush for this technique and as little paint as possible to begin with and blend one colour into the next for a seamless look or thicker for a more striking look. I used the Ice Blue and Silver watered down over the door for a silvery wood wash, mixed gold with Caribbean Blue to get a lovely green for the foliage, and the other colours I use are silver, Amethyst, Lavender, Gold and Hot Magenta and Caribbean blue.

Step 4 Leave the fairies completely black and use some Pinflair Pearl Wands to create texture pearls on the fairies and when dry gently brush the edges with Gold Buff it polish. Add some glitter glue to the stars, butterflies, moon and door plaque and paint most of the words gold, except the dream word arranged on the heart aperture where I used a gradient of Liquid Buff-it colours.

Tip:-  All the Pinflair Liquid Buff-it colours are mixable, if you plan to mix large quantities of your own unique colours you will need to store the mixture in an small airtight container.
Remember to wash all tools after use with water.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Samantha and Antony