Monday, 20 July 2015

Christmas Bauble

Hi there! Antony here... well we don't like to think about it... but Christmas for us crafters is already here!
So the project for this post will show you how to make your very own unique Christmas Bauble.

The products I have used for this project are:- Pinflair Glue Gel, Pinflair Glue-it, Pinflair Pearl and Clear Pearl Wands, Pinflair Dark Green Buff-it, Pinflair Ice Diamond, Acrylic 2 part Bauble and a fir cone!
You will also need a paint brush and a non-stick craft mat.

Step 1 Before you start to do anything make sure that your fir cone will fit inside the acrylic bauble. In this project I used a 10cm wide bauble.

Step 2 Using a palette knife I scoped out a small amount of Buff-it craft polish and put it onto a non-stick craft mat. Then using a paint brush I added some water to the Buff-it polish and started to paint the fir cone with it. You will need to keep adding water to the Buff-it when it starts to dry out.
Continue to paint the fir cone until you have covered it all. Leave to dry for about 20 minutes.

Step 3 Use the Pearl colour Pearl Wand to add pearl drops to the inside of both halves of the acrylic baubles. This will give the illusion of snow! Leave to dry for about 45 minutes to an hour. Normally the Pearls will dry within 10 minutes on paper, but will take considerably longer on acrylic or glass.

Step 4 Using the Pearl colour Pearl Wand start to add faux snow to the fir cone. You may need to do this in a few steps, allowing the Pearl Wand decoration to dry in between holding and moving the fir cone. Once finally finished leave the fir cone to fully dry. An hour should be about right.

Step 5 Now start to decorate the outside of the acrylic baubles, this time using the clear Pearl Wand. The clear Pearl Wand will go on milky, but will dry clear. I placed the pearl decorations exactly where I had decorated them on the inside. Again allow 1 hour for drying time, or until the pearls turn clear.

Step 6 Using Pinflair Glue Glue squeeze some glue into the bottom of just one of the acrylic baubles and then position your decorated fir cone onto the glue. Leave this to dry for at least 3 hours.

Step 7 Finally after everything is dry shake a smallish amount of Pinflair Ice Diamond into the same half of the acrylic bauble as where you stuck the fir cone. Use Pinflair Glue-it glue all round the edge of the bauble then place the two halves of the bauble together, making sure that you line up the baubles hanging hole.

Step 8 For a finishing touch and a way to hang your decoration use some ribbon and thread it through the baubles hanging hole and finally make a bow and attach it to your decoration.

As well as making a unique Christmas tree decoration these baubles would also make a fantastic gift at Christmas as well.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Samantha and Antony