Monday, 6 July 2015

Achieving the look for "2 Crafting Minds"

Well firstly let us both welcome you to our crafty corner here on the internet. We hope you will enjoy our crafting adventures as we show you many different techniques over the following months and hopefully years!

Well as it is our first post on our blog it is only fair that it's ladies first!
Samantha loves using plenty of texture and colour in her designs so designing the look for
"2 Crafting Minds" was right up her street!

Over to you Samantha!...

The banner piece that I made for this blog is fun to do with any words but we wanted it to be specifically crafted by hand rather than computer generated as that's what we’re all about. However Antony did have to convert it to a digital format so that we could finally use it here on the blog... but his bit is later!


I started by choosing a font I liked, and in this case I actually used templates I’ve had for a while, in a funky style. First I drew around each chosen letter (obviously some more than once) onto Sheena’s stamping card, then again onto mount board. And the same for the number 2, but also cut another larger layer. Then cut these out carefully with a craft knife with a sharp blade.

I then chose different texture embossing folders for each letter and the number, embossed the Sheena card letters then stuck them with wet glue to their counterpart mount boards. 

Next paint each one in an individual different colour (I’ve done it in rainbow order) Then using black soot Distress ink, highlight a few raised areas and edges of the letters. and repeat this process with Pebeo silver gilding wax rub the tiniest amount over the raised area with a finger tip and all the edges too. 

The background plate is made from a rectangle cardboard plaque/sign. First give it a good coat of Pinflairs Rust it paint, using the sponge dabbers. Once dry do it again this time being a bit more random and splodgy (is that a word?). Again when dry, make it thicker and more textured in places. Dry then using a palette knife take some copper glitter paste from Pinflair and taking off most of the excess, pounce the knife onto the Rust it catching the raised areas.

When nearly dry repeat the process with the aqua glitter paste too but using even less and barely touching the surface.
When fully dry, arrange all the letters and number so they are evenly spread but overlapping and at alternate angles, and glue in pace with Pinflairs 3D glue gel.

But before I stuck all the letter to the background plate I first took a photograph of what I had made and emailed it to Antony. So I'll hand you over to Antony so he can explain the next process of creating our look! 

 Once I had the photograph I opened it up in my favourite editing program Adobe Photoshop.
I firstly digitally traced round the outer edges of the letters and number. Then I changed that traced line into a shadow and posted the first version back to Samantha.
Although we both liked the look it wasn't quite right.... "What about a shadow round each letter" says Samantha. I tell her it is not a problem, but it will take an hour or 2 to do... but ask her to send me a photograph of each letter separately then the whole process will be a lot quicker.
Sadly she had already glued everything down!
So after about an 1 and a bit I traced round each letter and the number, added shadows to each, then deleted shadow where they shouldn't be.
Next I took the photograph of the background plate, squared it up and added an inner bevel.
After all of the effect came the most important part... correcting the colours.

 So there you go that's how between us both we created this very colourful and unique branding to our blog... 
2 Crafting Minds.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Samantha and Antony